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Short Information

Practical and Qualified

For more than 30 years, the TBK software is a widely accepted calculation software and is being successfully used by many engineers worldwide in the widest range of sectors. Applications range from precision engineering to heavy machinery, from slow running drives to extreme high-speed turbo machines with speeds from 500.000 1/min and higher.

Gear manufacturing is one of the key applications. The software is used in the area of steel and cement industry, open cast mining or construction machines, trains, shipbuilding, wind turbines, water turbines, even for Formula 1 engines and helicopter test benches.

Extensive Possibilities

A close cooperation between GWJ and TBK software users helped to build a practical and user-friendly software to calculate, dimension and optimize machine elements. The high-quality calculations are based on generally accepted calculation methods (DIN, ISO, VDI, ANSI,...).

The appendix "2014" indicates that this completely new version takes advantage of the latest GWJ software technology. Combined with brand-new calculation modules, the latest software version features a number of major enhancements, including:

  • Redo / Undo function
  • Automatic re-calculation
  • Dimensioning functions
  • Calculation reports in HTML and PDF format
  • Default settings & open XML saving format
  • Language setting German / English

Calculation Modules

The are different calculation modules available, for example for shaft, bearings, parallel keys, interference fits, involute splines (DIN 5480 etc., ISO, ANSI,...), serrated shaft and splined shaft connections, bolts & pins, clamp connections, bolted joints, timing belts, springs, cylindrical gears, planetary gear trains, bevel gears, etc. The calculation core has been extensively tested and has proven its worth in practice for many years.

Powerful CAD Plugins

In addition to the output of the 2-D DXF tooth form, powerful CAD plugins for different CAD systems are available in order to easily combine calculation and design.

System Calculation with SystemManager

TBK 2014 software can be extended with the SystemManager. It allows for a fast and easy design of complete systems of machine elements. The application ranges from simple systems (e.g., single shaft or coaxial shafts with bearings and loads) to complex systems (e.g., multi-stage gearboxes with and without load sharing, manual gearboxes, any types of planetary gear trains).

A Qualified Team

GWJ Technology, headquartered in Braunschweig, has a highly qualified team and many years of experience in calculation and software development for the mechanical engineering. Extensive knowledge and high quality standards are a part of the TBK 2014 development process.

We will be also happy to support you with our engineering services or workshops.

Please Convince Yourself!

For further information, please feel free to contact us by telephone +49 (0) 531 129399-0 or email If you would like to learn more about TBK 2014, do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a web presentation.

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